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What is Kylie Jenner’s New Piercing!?

kylie-jenner-tyga-new-piercings-leadKylie Jenner has just celebrated her 19th birthday and in a very big way in Turks and Caicos, but we don’t think she’s quite finished celebrating just yet. Jenner may have been boating in beautiful blue waters with her model friends all weekend, however, it appears she’s still in birthday mode because Kylie Jenner apparently just got a new piercing and she ain’t telling nobody – which is making everyone on Twitter freak out.

kylie-jenner3The Kylie Cosmetics beauty guru decided to tease her fans on Snapchat late Monday night with a snap from what looks like a tattoo and piercing parlor. However, it doesn’t seem like Jenner is going to be getting a new tattoo. From the Snap’s caption, it looks like Kylie will be flaunting and showing off a brand new piercing sometime soon.

kylie scaffoldKylie has recently gotten a few other piercings, and it looks like she has a total of five piercings. But this new one might make number six. In the snap she is seen posing with boyfriend Tyga, so at least she had some moral support, even though she is probably immune to the pain after her five other piercings. We will probably get a closeup at Jenner’s new piercing via Instagram or Snapchat on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for fresh inspiration that will probably make you want some new ear bling.

What will it be?

kylie-jenner-showing-her-septumPeople are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts about the new piercing and are not happy about the wait! Please, Kylie. Your fans are dying to know.Only time will tell, ey. Only time will tell.

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Piercings for your Clothing!

piercednippleThe long and ancient art of body piercing and mods is hardly a new phenomenon or craze. It’s a trend that has been going in and out of fashion for thousands of years now, with the first-ever earlobe piercing dating back to over 5,000 years ago on a mummified body of a hiker/forest dweller/cave man found near,what is present-day Austria.

Piercing noses in the Middle East and mostly India (to alleviate childbirth pains), tongues in Mayan and Aztec civilizations (as offerings to the higher gods), and lips in Alaskan Eskimo tribes (for religious reasons) soon followed suit. Actually way before Rihanna and Kendall Jenner freely flaunted theirs, Isabella of Bavaria, the queen of France, introduced flashy and way sexier nipple piercings to women back in the 1300s.

pierced setIn no way I’m I saying that the 21st century has not seen its fair share of piercing trends, though, and thanks to a handful of absolutely crazy and avant garde designers these past few seasons, partaking in the ancient art can actually be as easy and painless as putting on a T-shirt or hoodie.

We’ve definitely noticed how significant and overly used simple and tiny metal bars, rings, barbells, and especially studs are having a major resurgence in the fashion world! I mean who could possibly forget the over-the-top and “extremely extreme” facial jewelry on the Givenchy’s fall 2015 runway or the grunge-inspired eyebrow rings at Rodarte spring 2015. These rather wild and over the top trends were still very much alive during the fall 2016 collections, with pierced angora sweater dresses at Alexander Wang and leather barbell handbags and blouses at J.W.Anderson.

pierced nippleclothingAnd we are just absolutely loooooving the idea of these pierced pieces of clothing, apparel and even handbags with chic and uber out there pierced pieces! Do yourselves a favour and go check out the young brand at Life in Perfect Disorder as they seem to be completely  taking over Instagram with their pierced designs, seen on models and actresses like Ruby Rose and we think they should get ol’Kendall on board too – that way she won’t need to show off as much boob when showing off her nipple piercings!


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Chloe Grace’s Brand New Piercing is Cute

When it comes to being open and honest, you can always count on this actress. So, is Chloë Grace Moretz’s most recent cartilage piercing real? She posted a photo of some new ear accessories, and it seems likely that this is the real deal.

According to Rajewski’s Instagram, he’s been the only person to ever pierce Moretz, and they “intend to keep it that way,” so clearly, they’ve got a great relationship. It’s nice when there are no trust issues between you and the person who’s, you know, piercing you. Check out Moretz’s latest addition to her collection of ear accessories and see if it doesn’t convince you to create a studded masterpiece of your own, despite the time it takes a cartilage piercing to heal. Hey, it’s totally worth it in the end, right? Moretz sure seems to think so!

She credited tattoo and piercing artist James Rajewski for her latest body modification. As far as that gorgeous bling is concerned, she has jeweler Maria Tash to thank for that. Considering she now has a total of four piercings in one ear, it’s safe to say she’s got a thing for earrings. Who could blame her, either? She’s got a nice little thing going with these lovely diamond pieces.

This set up is so pretty.


This definitely isn’t the first body mod she’s made.

piercings on chloe

She’s got everything from piercings to tattoos.


She’s great at switching up her accessories, too. Rocking everything from tiny studs to hoops.


And with the way she seems to have each puncture perfectly planned out to make a creative collage, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got more ideas where this came from.


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90’s Piercings that were Hot and are Back!

Daith-StylesThere’s no escaping the fact that fashion is cyclical and, consequently, that we’ve been trapped in a 1990s style bubble for quite some time now. What with all the crop tops and brown lipliner, it was only a matter of time before we noticed popular ’90s piercings that are cool again.

Your age in the ’90s will likely dictate what piercings you had or lusted after. There’s obviously a huge difference between the types of piercings a 16-year-old and a 6-year-old would want. If you were a kid during the ‘90s, you likely idolized child movie stars of the period like Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Thus, you’d beg your parents to let you get any piercings they were rocking.

multiple_ear_piercings_cuteHowever, folks who were teens in the 1990s would have had a whole different set of style icons, repping an array of way “edgier” piercings, like tongue ones and cartilage studs. It’s safe to say that folks of all ages idolized the Spice Girls, though, who were known for pushing the boundaries with their style choices, including wearing trendy piercings that epitomized the time period.

1. Classic Ear Lobe Piercing

Crawler2If you weren’t allowed to get your ears pierced in the 1990s, you likely tried to do your own with the help of your bestie, just like that scene from The Parent Trap. However, my guess would be you were too chicken to actually go through with it. In early 2016, Kylie Jenner attended the Golden Globe Awards Post-Party. On her right ear, she wore a plethora of piercings, but she kept her left lobe classic with a solo stud.

2. Nose Ring

Nose RingAngsty teens of the ’90s who were into the grunge scene likely adored bad gal Nancy of The Craft‘s style, including her rebellious nose ring. At Coachella 2014, Kendall Jenner wore a huge nose ring and brought back this trend in a big way. Who cares if it was faux? It still looked cool AF. Miley Cyrus’ collection of piercings also included a nose ring and Kesha rocked one for what feels like forever.

3. Bellybutton Piercing

Belly-Button-Piercing-ImagesWith late ’90s and the early ’00s trends on the fashion horizon in 2016, the bellybutton piercing looks to be on the rise. It’s so great to see all sorts of folks flaunting their pierced navels, like plus size beauty and fellow Bustle writer Courtney Mina. After all, navel jewels are made to be adorned by any body.

4. Septum Piercing

Septum-Piercing-HoopNew model Stella Tennant wore a septum piercing on the runway at the beginning of her career in the early ’90s. It gave her a super rebellious edge, because it made a nod back to the punk movement of the ’80s when piercings were everywhere. The fact that Tennant was born to Scottish nobility likely made her look like even more of a rebel. From Kat Graham, to Ellie Goulding, and even Madonna, so many celebrities are rocking septum piercings. Fake or real, it makes no difference — they all look stunning IMO.

5. Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage PiercingSure, she’s a cartoon, but chances are that if you watched Daria in the ’90s, you probably thought her BFF Jane Lane was one cool cat. Jane wore multiple cartilage piercings and she may have inspired you to brave a solo cartilage one at the top of your ear, much to the disappointment of your grandmother. Although simple stud or hoop earrings were popular choices to wear in your cartilage in the ’90s, nowadays it’s all about experimentation and industrial piercings. This style seen here on Willow Smith is becoming super popular.

6. Nose Stud

nose-studs-sweetSporty Spice had us all begging our parents to get a nose stud in the ’90s. If your folks were chill and you were old enough, they might just have let you.

7. Nipple Piercing

kendall piercingBack in the 1990s, nipple piercings were more common among men, like Mötley Crüe member Tommy Lee. Nowadays, things are (thankfully) a little different. Speaking with Page Six in Sept. 2015, Kendall Jenner confessed that she had a nipple piercing. Jenner told the publication, “I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like, ‘Let’s just do it.’”

8. Tongue Piercing

Tongue-Piercing-PicturesMel B got her tongue pierced in the ’90s and sent adolescent girls worldwide into a frenzy. However, your mom probably didn’t let you get one, even if you were nearing adulthood. Early this year, J. Colby Smith, piercing expert at New York Adorned, spoke with Glamour about the hottest body piercing trends. Glamour reported, “Smith recalls a model client who had to talk him into piercing her tongue.”

9. Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow PiercingIn the 1990s, eyebrow piercings seemed most popular amongst male heartthrobs in boybands. However, there were a few edgy gals who were way ahead of their time, like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC. After a resurgence of eyebrow piercings in the fashion world — aka the multiple faux piercings that models wore across their brows at Rodarte’s spring RTW 2015 show — pierced eyebrows have come back into vogue. Kirstin Maldonado of Pentatonix looks seriously cool sporting her eyebrow piercing in this recent Instagram selfie.

So, one important question remains: Which ’90s piercing will you go for?


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Get on Trend with Trendy Piercings

Cute piercing studsSo just like a really good tube of Pringles or super lush bath salts, piercings are similarly difficult to stop, erm, popping once you’ve started. I actually recently found this out when, after the internet decided in real time that I should have an insanely long-ass needle stabbed through one of the most sensitive parts of my ear, the cartilage. I decided to go back and have two slightly shorter sharp implements jammed through my lobes so that I could have second holes in my ears. I then not-so-inadvertently got the piercing of the moment—right in the conch. (Full disclosure: In my consultation with my piercer before doing the actual piercing, I decided I needed this extra one too! “Give me something trendy.” I said – and trendy is what he gave me.)

Septum-EarringsLike anything “Now”-y, the conch piercing have actually been around for quite some time now and are experiencing a rise in trendy popularity Right Now— but of course, with some slight modifications and additions:

Number #1 The Gaia Repossi Effect

gaia repossi earringsBy being fairly spare with your styling, or having a conch piercing and only a few, if any other surrounding but simple and chic piercings in the cartilage of the ear.

Number #2 Multiple Conch Piercings using Hoops

Multiple Conch Piercings using HoopsThis is pretty much a reinvented and legendary Rodarte look which is relocated from the eyebrow to the ear, with a row of simple but cute little piercing hoops. It’s easy to maintain, and also easy to spruce up and make it look a little bit more fancy for a do.

Number #3 Wearing Whatever you Want!

Multiple PiercingsWearing whatever jewelry combination you actually want because hey – mixing metals and stones is definitely no longer considered taboo, but it’s actually ‘de rigueur’ as an expression!  Kind of a look that you can walk around and be proud of with that special feeling of ‘Oh hey – look at the cool and super diverse collection of sparkly things I’ve acquired’

I don’t know what you think, but after all this, I’m feeling like I’m 22 gain… watch out – new piercings coming on!


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Willow’s New Industrial Piercing

piercing-willow-smith-karl-lagerfeldJust another morning celebrity piercing inspiration.

Seriously, does anyone ever remember that Willow Smith is actually just 15 years old and have an OMG moment? Because honestly, that is me like literally every single day. Besides being a musical wonder child (still whipping our hair back and forth TBH), she’s also a super major beauty icon and already has a Chanel campaign to her list of ‘have done’s’.

smith tongue piercingSo what’s Willow’s latest trendy style move besides teaching us all the exact and right way right way to wear blue eyeshadow? It’s all about piercings and more piercings. We all remember the hype that was running around the media and every single social media platform when a couple of years back, Willow was only 13 years old and showed off a tongue ring! Which of course turned out to be a fake tongue piercing….

Then after that incident, quite recently actually she got herself a septum piercing and was showing that off all over the place, and is still prouncing about with it, wearing it proudly!

piercing-willow-smothWillow’s newest and most intriguing piercing is her latest fashion statement – and industrial piercing, AKA a piercing bar that runs through two different points in the ear. She very kindly credited Nathan’s Tattoos and Piercings for the addition. (She already has a septum piercing, which you probs know if you follow her on IG, and the fact that I just mentioned it.)

taken-bywillowsmithWillow isn’t by far the first celeb in the recent past who’s hopped on to Internet to debut a piercing or new earring . Just a couple of weeks ago, Blake Lively gave us all an up-close view at her multiple stacks of gems—be warned: you’ll most likely want to hit up the nearest mall to recreate the look on your budget. Chloe Grace Moretz also recently took to Instagram to share a snap of her pretty new piercings.

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Piercings for your Hair and Braids!

Yup – that’s right; folks are upping their jewellery game by piercing braids with hair rings, and the result? SO. Gorgeous.

With everything from small gold coils, silver hoops, charm-embellished rings, and even spiky studs to choose from you can really get creative.

Whether you’re rocking cool cornrows, a heavenly halo braid, or a fluffy fishtail plait  adding a few piercings is the perfect way to decorate the classic styles.

Another cute shot from today @boxpark with @maliburumuk

A photo posted by KEASH BRAIDS (@keashbraids) on

As well as the traditional rings, you can even take it one step further and use spike studs that look ah-mazing running through your hair.

Not sure where to start? Simply intertwine the adjustable hair rings into twists, buns or braids for an effortlessly awesome look. Now you’re good to go.


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Pregnant and Pierced! Blac Chyna gets her Tongue Pierced!

blac-chyna-tattoo parlourBlac Chyna showed off her newest piercing, a tongue piercing on Snapchat after filming a segment of her reality show at a tattoo parlor on Friday, June 17. Pregnant and pierced, well that’s no shocker really, as she seems to be out to freak people out lately.

The 28-year-old model decided to showcase her baby bump along with her curvaceous figure in a tight pink tie-dye dress at Spilled Ink Tattoo in L.A.’s Encino. She was followed around by a camera crew for her upcoming six-part E! docu-series, which is of course titled Rob & Chyna.

Chyna’s fiancé, Rob Kardashian, did not accompany her to the parlor, but she did arrive with some of her pals. “They got pierced, she got pierced,” a source tells Us. “Just a lot of good times. Everyone was laughing.” Later in the evening, the video vixen — who is pregnant with her second child — flaunted the piercing in a video on Snapchat while lip-synching to t.A.T.u.’s 2002 hit “All the Things She Said.” “Mother, looking at me / Tell me, what do you see? / Have I lost my mind?” she sang.

blac chyna piercing

As previously reported, Chyna and Kardashian, 29, are expecting their first child together later this year. They revealed the baby news in May, one month after announcing their engagement. The Lashed Bar owner, who has a son, King Cairo, 3, with ex-fiancé Tyga, recently shared a photo of her baby’s sonogram on Instagram.

For a long time I felt like King was going to be an only child. That be was my greatest blessing and we were gonna live happily ever after together Just the 2 of us, I was no longer looking for love because I thought I had all that I needed,” she captioned the May 23 pic. “But look at God ! Here I am Engaged to be married to one of the greatest men I know who loves King & I unconditionally AND having another bundle of joy! I just want to say Never give up & ALWAYS have faith because fairytales DO come True #LookAtOurLittleNugget #KingsGoingToBeABigBrother.”

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Can Olympians Wear Piercings During the Games?

olympics piercingsThe Olympic Games are famous for their strict guidelines and rules, even when it involves matters of physical appearance. So, are Olympians allowed to own piercings? It appears that the solution is affirmative — somewhat, of course. If you take a glance at photos from the the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, you will truly see that quite few of the athletes are sporting piercings — although the adornments tend to be restricted to easy stud earrings, as against wilder dermal piercings or giant hoops (which definitely is sensible, safety-wise).

piercings olympicsI’d imagine that piercings are allowed, as long as they do not create a security risk. normally in athletics (and most importantly contact sports), hoops square measure a no-no, since they’ll get caught on one thing, tearing the skin. Keeping things distraction-free is probably going another priority — are you able to imagine competitive  on the uneven bars whereas long, dangly earrings gyrate your face?

Still, though, there is space for athletes to customise their look with easy jewellery if they so choose. Headline-making athlete Simone Biles has been famous to sport studs throughout competitions — which seemingly will not change within the forthcoming Rio de Janeiro Games. This may be her 1st Olympic Games, however she’s nabbed a powerful four world championships in a row.

2012 Olympian athlete (and recently-crowned 2016 teammate) Aly Raisman additionally wore sparkly studs to go together with her even sparklier yankee flag-emblazoned garment throughout her gold medal-winning floor routine to “Hava Nagila.

“The remainder of the new team (with the exception of chatty Douglas, who tends to contend sans earrings) additionally appears to own a preference for straightforward studs, to go with their trademark pulled-back hair and glossy leotards (and, of course, their team warm-up sweats and superpatriotic hair ribbons).

volleyball and pieringsGymnastics is not the only sport to wear piercings — earrings are not essentially popular with all the opposite disciplines the way they are with gymanstic exercise, however you’ll notice them with beach volleyball, maybe most notably with 2012’s champions, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings.

It would appear that there is positively a place for pierced ears inside the advanced Olympian infrastructure — you simply may wish to depart your dangly bellybutton piercings at home, though!

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Zayn Malik’s Latest Tattoo Is Star Wars Inspired

tattoosSo apparently the force is strong with Zayn Malik (you know the ex-One Direction signer) – he recently showed off his latest tattoo on Instagram and not only is it totally Star Wars inspired, it’s glowing – literally!

Singer Zayn Malik is always talking about his love for Star Wars, and now he’ll have his love for all things Stars Wars forever branded on the inner part of his middle finger. He’s had a light-saber inked, and not only is is awesome, but the drawing of his Jedi weapon actually glows in the dark.

Jon Boy, New York City based tattoo artist showed off the former One Direction singer’s tat on Instagram, then went on to take a selfie with his famous client and his friends, Anwar Hadid (aka Gigi’s younger brother) and Luka Sabbat .

one-direction-tattooWhile the 23-year-old star may be setting a trend for tattoo lovers around the world, ultraviolet (UV) black-light tattoos have actually been been around for a couple of years now. Created by using a specially formulated UV-reactive ink, the tattoo will be barely visible in normal daylight, however, it becomes a unique and super cool glow-in-the-dark work of art once exposed to the UV lights (think about the epic parties in nightclubs).

Way cool? Absolutely, but is it safe? For starters, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet regulated tattoo inks or the pigments that get used in them, so officially, it “has not approved any tattoo pigments for injection into the skin.” This applies to “all tattoo pigments, including those used for ultraviolet (UV) and glow-in-the-dark tattoos.”

glow-in-the-dark-tattoosOn another note though, the FDA also states that many pigments used in tattoo inks are “industrial-grade colors suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.” And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists possible risks associated with blood-borne pathogen exposures in the body art industry.

While the jury is still out about the ink’s safety, a report from stated that black-light tattoos cost more because they take longer to design than “typical” tattoos, so it does require more time and money.

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, you’re certainly not alone. Nearly 45 million American adults have at least one tattoo, and Americans spend approximately $1.6 billion a year on their body art, according to statistics. And about half of the people with tattoos are mostly concerned about the reputation of the tattoo artist, compared to the price or the meaning of their design.

zayn-Keep in mind that while tattoo shops in the U.S. are required to be licensed, the laws vary from state to state when it comes to the tattoo artists. According to the site, there is no standard requirement to “prove oneself as a talented artist or stellar business owner in order to obtain a license. Instead, certification is mostly focused on compliance with standard safety measures to protect potential customers.”

In other words, research reputable tattoo shops before walking into some random parlor. And we’re sure Malik — and Yoda — would agree: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”



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